We love good design and good design starts with understanding the idea and has the task to communicate visually. That's why we always deal with the latest trends and innovative designs. 

Ida designs, conceives and develops in the digital space, UX/UI design, screen design, other digital and facility products, campaigns and visual appearances. As a web agency, we offered not only the design, but also the programming of digital products in-house.

Screen Design

UX/UI Design
Web Design
Digital Media
Design Systems

Graphic design

Print Media

A two design projects we've been able to do.

What do we develop next?


Fritz Gerber Foundation

At the Fritz Gerber Foundation for gifted young people, we were able to participate in a pitch and convinced them with our re-branding ideas.

Maison Noir

For Maison Noir we were able to implement the somewhat different store, because unique fragrances need a unique store.


Vondue = vegan fondue. "Threading completely without cheese!". An alternative to traditional fondue that unites all connoisseurs at one table.

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