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SOLID Principles

Explore the fundamentals of SOLID principles in TypeScript, essential for any developer seeking to create robust, scalable, and maintainable software. This guide includes practical examples demonstrating each principle.


Introduction of PartyTown

PartyTown optimizes web performance by moving third-party scripts from the main browser thread to a background web worker, reducing competition for resources and improving loading times and user experience.


Angular 17 - The Renaissance

Angular 17 is a major release that brings with it a number of new features and improvements, including a new control flow syntax, the defer block, SSR hydration improvements, the View Transitions API, and performance improvements.


Angular Standalone Components

Explore Angular Standalone Components. This article delves into creating and managing standalone components, showcasing how they simplify and modularize Angular development with practical code snippets.


Angular View Encapsulation: A Deeper Look

Discover the depths of Angular View Encapsulation. Learn best practices, how Tailwind CSS streamlines the styling process, and why ::ng-deep should be used deliberately.


Energy Efficiency in Software Architectures

With the increasing emphasis on sustainability and conserving energy, the realm of software architectures isn't left behind. Achieving energy efficiency in software design is now more critical than ever.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an indispensable tool for website owners and SEO enthusiasts. With indexing monitoring, search analytics, and mobile optimization features, it offers ways to improve your website's visibility and performance. Use Google Search Console for an effective SEO strategy.


Website optimization with Three.js

Learn how to use Three.js to integrate interactive 3D graphics into your website to improve user experience and increase visual appeal. From basics to practical use cases, discover the potential of Three.js for web development.


The importance of a strong website for startups

A well-designed website is crucial for startups, as it not only conveys professionalism, but also serves as an effective marketing tool. Through a user-friendly experience, search engine optimization and targeted conversion paths, a good website supports customer acquisition and building a strong online presence for sustainable success.


E-commerce with Shopify

The history of e-commerce will be highlighted, as well as the key benefits and challenges of implementing an e-commerce solution. In addition, security aspects are covered and best practices for a successful e-commerce website are presented.


We need to talk about WordPress

WordPress, the most widely used blog CMS system, is already a veteran and has revolutionized the Internet. Although most websites are based on WordPress there is some criticism. Is the era of WordPress soon over?


Node.js vs. PHP

PHP, a primary rock that continues to dominate the Internet. Node.js, a popular modern alternative. What are the differences and where is the future trend heading?